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University of Holy Cross has moved to online instruction and administration due to the events of COVID-19.
All offices are available to provide assistance during this time.
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UHC Honorary Degree Recipients
The University of Holy Cross announces the folowing Honorary Degree Recipients

Archbishop Gregory Aymond (2010) Sr. Anthony Barczykowski, D.C. (2002)
Lindy Boggs (1993) Sr. Clarita Bourque, M.S.C. (2000)
John F. Bricker Joseph C. Canizaro (2003)
Dominic Carmon, S.V.D. (1996) Thomas E. Chambers, C.S.C. (2006)
Leah Chase (2000) Jacqueline Brechtel Clarkson (2011)
Gerald DeLuca, Ed.D. Patricia Denechaud (1997)
David F. Dixon (2009) Sr. Karen Flaherty, D.C. (2001)
Ernest Eustis, III (2002) Ann Fitzmorris (2002)
Sr. Helen Fontenot, M.S.C. (2012) Blanche M. Francis (1994)
Norman C. Francis (1998) Ann Ida Gannon, B.V.M.
Antoine M. Garibaldi, Ph.D. (2001) Joel Giallanza, C.S.C.
Madeleine Sophie Hebert, M.S.C. (2001) Marjorie Hebert, M.S.C. (2009)
J. Bryan Hehir (2007) Sr. Bernardine Hill, M.S.C. (2007)
Theodore M. Hesburgh, C.S.C. Archbishop Alfred C. Hughes, S.T.D.(2002)
Norma M. Hynes Dr. William Jenkins (2011)
Bobby Jindal (2008) Alex Johnson (2007)
Edmund Joyce, C.S.C. (1989) Blaine S. Kern
Gerda Weissmann Klein James Lackenmeier, C.S.C.
Robert L. Livingston Nancy Clay-Marsteller, Ph.D. (2003)
Neal W. McDermott, O.P. (2001) Mark McGrath, C.S.C. (1993)
Ralph McInerny, Ph.D. (2002) Timothy McTighe (1998)
Sr. Laura Melancon, M.S.C. (2006) Anne McDonald Milling (1999)
Antonio Mora (2000) Ernest Morial
Jim Murray (1992) Christopher Nalty, S.T.B., J.C.L., J.D. (2003)
Donald J. Nalty Jane Hanemann Nalty (1998)
Paul A. Nalty (1996) Michael Nolan (2006)
Ernest B. Norman Nancy O'Neill
Thomas P. Perkins (1997) Peter Quirk (2007)
James Rabalais, III - posthumously (2012) James A. Rabalais, Jr. (2012)
Michael Rapier (2008) Michael O. Read (1994)
Newton R. Reynolds (1999) Sally Ann Roberts (2006)
Norman Robinson (1991) Daniel E. "Rudy" Ruettiger (1995)
Archbishop Francis Bible Schulte (1990) Sr. Suellen Tennyson, M.S.C.
Harry W. Tompson, S.J. (1997) David C. Treen
Mary Ann Valentino (2009) Doris Voitier (2008)
Richard V. Warner, C.S.C. (1992) Roderick K.West (1999)
Everett J. Williams (1995) Mary Lou McCall Young (1996)

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