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2016-2017 Administrative Support Units

The University of Holy Cross’ administrative support units provide services intended to aid the student in educational attainment. Eight divisions and their subsidiary units, as indicated below, function in support of the mission of the University and its strategic initiatives. Seamless administrative support services are coordinated and monitored at the Vice President and Presidential levels.

UHC Organizational Chart

  1. Academic Affairs, as an administrative division, is responsible for two support units, the Blaine S. Kern Library and the Office of Institutional Research. It shares oversight of the Office of Grant Initiatives with the Division of Philanthropy and Stewardship. Academic Affairs, and the services it provides to students, is integral to the University’s mission, which is in part to ‘educate the minds and hearts of its students’. The Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs supervises this division and the units it encompasses. Please call 504-398-2221 for assistance.
  2. Enrollment Management is responsible for two support units, Admissions and the Registrar’s Office. It serves as the major recruiting arm for new students and processes their admission. It works closely with the Financial Aid Office and Mission Integration, and Academic Affairs. The Vice President for Enrollment Management supervises this division and the unit it encompasses. Please call 504-398-2175 for assistance.
  3. Finance and Operations is responsible for providing financial services, food services, and facilities and plant operations management necessary to successful implementation of the University mission. Included in this administrative division are the departments below. This division is supervised by the Vice President for Finance and Operations who reports directly to the President and serves on his Cabinet. Please call 504-398-2254 for assistance.
    • The Finance Office strives to sustain institutional financial integrity with effective internal controls and useful financial information for the University’s stakeholders. The Finance Office prepares financial statements and tax reporting documents for the University, coordinates audits of the University, and performs treasury functions for the University. The Finance Office manages and accounts for all University contracts, grants, donations and investments for the University. We strive to collaborate and cooperate with all departments within the University to establish best practices to promote and secure the University’s financial resources. The Finance office works with administrative and academic units as a one-stop location for the highest quality, value-added business and financial planning, financial projections, and decision support related to efficient resource allocation and utilization. The Finance Office provides procurement services, payables, budgeting, payroll and monthly department reports to all departments.
    • The Bursar’s Office serves the UHC community by providing student billing and payment information that is clear, accessible and seamless to our students, families, faculty and staff. The Bursar ensures that tuition and fee revenues are received, recorded, and reported accurately and provides statements of tuition and fees assessed.
    • The Financial Aid Office seeks to help students secure funds necessary to pursue their educational goals at UHC through the administration and implementation of federal, state, and institutional programs of financial assistance.
    • The Facilities Department includes facilities maintenance, grounds and housekeeping with a mission to create, enhance and maintain a high quality environment that is conducive to teaching, learning, and working. The Department utilizes work orders as a means to provide communication of special needs from both academic and administrative units, urgent and non-urgent. Preventive and deferred maintenance is managed by this department to support the University campus equipment and physical resources. The department handles all aspects of the physical facilities from arranging desks, preparing for on-campus events, hanging frames, to renovations and remodeling projects.
    • The Hurricane Café provides delicious variety of healthy meals and menus options prepared by its own cooks. There are healthy snack options, drinks, and sundries provided. In addition, the Café provides catering for special events for University functions and well as community functions held on campus, ensuring group needs are met by offering flexibility and working with budgets and special requests.
  4. Mission Integration was added to the University’s administrative structure in August 2015. As the name implies, the Vice President for Mission Integration is responsible for ensuring that the University Mission is at the heart of all operations and initiatives. Campus Ministry is a unit housed within this division. The Division works closely with the Mission Integration Committee and Academic Affairs. This Division is supervised by the Vice President of Mission Integration who reports directly to the President and serves on his Cabinet. Please call 504-398-2271 for assistance.
  5. Institutional Advancement is responsible for three support units, the Student Life, Marketing and Communications, and Alumni and Parent Relations. Student Life has oversight of the Campus Nurse. The Division’s primary responsibility is to solicit external funding for scholarships and strategic initiatives necessary to the advancement of the Institution. It works closely with the Division of Philanthropy and Stewardship. Operations are supervised by the Executive Vice President for Institutional Advancement who reports directly to the President and serves on his Cabinet. Please call 504-398-2130 for assistance.
  6. Philanthropy and Stewardship is responsible for the attraction of gift investment from a variety of donors, including individuals, foundations, corporations, and occasionally public sources. This is undertaken by a variety of activities including grantsmanship and face-to-face identification, cultivation, solicitation, and stewardship. The Division, which is headed by the Vice President for Philanthropy and Stewardship, works very closely with Institutional Advancement. This Division shares oversight of the Office of Grant Initiatives with the Division of Academic Affairs. The Vice President reports directly to the President and serves on his Cabinet. Please call 504-398-2206 for assistance.
  7. The President’s Office is responsible for the supervision of three support units, Human Resources, Institutional Technology, and Security. Please call 504-398-2109 for assistance.
    • Human Resources is responsible for the maintenance of the accurate, confidential files for all of the University’s employees and reports directly to the President. It aids in the hiring process and provides employees with information regarding University-sponsored benefits.
      It has oversight of the Copy Center. This unit is supervised by the Director of Human Resources who reports directly to the President. Please call 504-398-2177 for assistance.
    • Information Technology is responsible for keeping the technical resources used by academic and administrative departments up to date and practical for the classroom. Its Director reports directly to the President. Our goal is to provide top-notch training and everyday support for the users of our complex systems, while at the same time maintaining consistent and diligent data security practices. IT seeks to make sure our infrastructure positively impacts the classroom experience for students and faculty, enhances the administrative support arm of the University, and uses technology on our campus that promotes the highest productivity for everyone. Information technology is composed of the following functions:
      • Information Security
      • Database Administration
      • Application Development
      • Blackboard Administration
      • Web Management
      • Network Administration
      • Server Administration
      • Telecommunications
      • Print Management
      • User Support
      This unit is supervised by the Director of Information Technology who reports directly to the President. Please call 504-398-2106 for assistance.
    • The Security Department is responsible for the safety and security of all who enter the University, which is maintained via security patrols, an alarm system, security cameras, and after-hours swipe-card entrance and exit. The Director of Security maintains monthly security reports and reports directly to the President. Please call 504-329-4430 or 504-247-3825 for assistance.
  8. The Division of Student Engagement and Advising is responsible for one support unit, the Center for Teaching and Learning. It is responsible for oversight of the tutoring labs, placement testing, and the advising of first time freshmen and students enrolled in developmental studies. It works closely Academic Affairs and Enrollment Management. The Vice President for Student Engagement and Advising supervises this division and the unit it encompasses. Please call 504-398-2175 for assistance.

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