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Master of Arts in Counseling

M.A. in Counseling-Early Entry Curriculum Guide (PDF)

M.A. in Counseling Specialization in Clinical Mental Health (PDF)

M.A. in Counseling Specialization in Marriage, Couple, and Family Curriculum Guide (PDF)

M.A. in Counseling Specialization in Schools Curriculum Guide (PDF)

Graduate Counseling Handbook (PDF)

Program/Student Outcomes for the Graduate Counseling Program (PDF)

Evaluation Outcomes for the Counseling Graduate Program (PDF)

Our Graduate Counseling program nurtures students and helps them to become self-developing, competent professionals who will be an asset to the community, both personally and professionally. Through teaching, research, and public service, these programs foster not just intellectual learning, but also encourage the students to develop themselves spiritually, culturally and with a sense of responsibility. Our alumni serve as professional counselors in a wide variety of fields throughout Louisiana and are known for their knowledge, skills and compassion.

For more information regarding the Graduate Counseling Programs, please contact:

Dr. Carolyn White

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