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The University of Holy Cross offers a variety of distance education courses where you can earn credit. Look at this pdf to determine: 

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Online  Master of Arts in Catholic Theology (MACT)

The MACT Program at the University of Holy Cross follows the Marianites of Holy Cross tradition in seeking to “educate the mind but not at the expense of the heart.”  This degree is a flexible, comprehensive, and unique way to learn and integrate Theology into your life, family, and/or profession.  Students will follow a thirty-six (36) credit hour course of study, which culminates in the conferral of the degree of Master of Arts in Catholic Theology.


MED Teaching and Learning ESL Concentration Curriculum Guide

MED Teaching and Learning Reading Specialist Concentration Curriculum Guide

MED Teaching and Learning Religious Education Concentration Curriculum Guide

The Masters of Education (M.Ed.) in Teaching and Learning is a graduate-level program designed to meet the needs of practicing classroom teachers and aspiring instructional leaders. The program leading to the M.Ed. in Teaching and Learning consists of a minimum of 36 credit hours at the Master’s degree level. Throughout the course of the program, candidates will develop the knowledge, skills, and dispositions required of an effective teacher-leader, thus helping them to advance within their profession. Prior to the culmination of the program, candidates will be supported in designing and implementing a small-scale, meaningful action research project in an area of their interest.

Spring 2016 Online Courses



Course Name

Dr. Katherine Brooks BIO101.C1 General Biology
Professor Jennifer Duran BIO275.C1 Introducion to Microbiology
Dr. Lehman Ellis BIO340.C1 Cell Biology
Dr. Teresa O'Neill BIO353.C1 Human Pathophysiology
Prof. Salvador Provenzano BUS210.C1 Business Communication
Professor Nicole Ortloff-Wensel BUS252.C1 Principles of Marketing
Dr. Lawrence Audler BUS309.C1 Personnel Management
Professor James Zeller BUS312.C1 Physical Distribution & Logistics
TBA BUS321.C1 Consumer Behavior
TBA BUS325.C1 Marketing Research
Professor Nicole Ortloff-Wensel BUS377.C1 Marketing Management
Professor Lillian Grose BUS422.C1 Tax Accounting II
TBA BUS455.C1 International Management
TBA CIS111.C1 Intermediate Computer
TBA COU320.C1 Recovery Counseling
Dr. Roy Salgado COU390.C1 Directed Readings
TBA ECO201.C1 Principles Of Economics I Macroeconomic
TBA ECO202.C1 Principles Of Economics II Microeconomic
Dr. Brooke Muntean EDG611.C1 Advanced Methods of Teaching Read in the Cont Area
Dr. Brooke Muntean EDG615.C1 Principal/Practice of Differentiated Instr/Asses
Dr. Brooke Muntean EDG664.C1 Advanced Seminar in Language & Culture
Dr. Brooke Muntean EDU311.C1 Teaching Reading in the Content Area
Professor Thomas E. Becker ENG101.C1 English Composition I
Professor Thomas E. Becker ENG102.C1 English Composition II
Dr. Stephen Pearce ENG200.C1 Intro to Lit Forms
Professor Karen Menge ESC101.C1 Earth Science:Phy
Professor Karen Menge ESC215.C1 Natural Disasters
Professor Mark Carson HIS301.C1 Louisiana History
Dr. Teresa O'Neill HSC353.C1 Human Pathophysiology
Dr. Teresa O'Neill HSC401.C1 Global Health
Dr. Michael F. Labranche MAT105.C1 College Algebra
Dr. Michael F. Labranche MAT160.C1 Intro Statistics
Professor Francis Scully MUS205.C1 Music Appreciation
Dr. Faye A.  Mitchell NSG355.C1 Contemporary Issues
Dr. Faye A.  Mitchelll NSG360.C1 Health Assess for RN
Dr. Faye A.  Mitchell NSG370.C1 Pathophysiology RNs
Dr. Faye A.  Mitchelll NSG385.C1 Nursing Research
Dr. Faye A.  Mitchell NSG455.C1 Leadershp/Dec Making
Dr. Faye A.  Mitchell NSG471.C1 Community Nursing
Dr. Faye A.  Mitchell NSG485.C1 Special Topics
Dr. Vladimir Thomas PHI101.C1 Intro to Philosophy
Dr. Vladimir Thomas PHI207.C1 Intro to Logic
Dr. Christian Roos PHI207.C1 Intro to Logic
Professor Karen Menge PHY101.C1 Physical Science
Professor Dorothy Martin PSY101.C1 General Psychology I
Professor Robert E. Schmidt PSY340.C1 Human Growth and Dev
Professor Ouida L. Frazier-Smith PSY406.C1 Personality
Professor Ouida L. Frazier-Smith SOC101.C1 Intro Sociology I
Professor James W. Yeargain SPE101.C1 Fund of Public Speak
Dr. David Delio THE103.C1 The Christian Trad
Dr. Margaret M. McKinnon THE285.C1 Theology and Health
Dr. Margaret M. McKinnon THE285.C1 Theology and Health



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