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Technology Requirements - Department of Nursing


Technological & Internet Requirements for Students in the Department of Nursing

Students are required to take exams electronically for all nursing courses. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, in addition to taking exams electronically, students in the DON are currently required to take exams remotely (off-campus).

Students enrolled in any nursing course are required to procure and maintain a fully functional iPad that meets the minimum requirements for electronic testing (see iPad Minimum Requirements below). Because testing for now in the DON will be done remotely, students admitted into the DON must have by the first day of class in the fall semester, in addition to an iPad, internet access at home, a smartphone with a camera that can access the internet, and a stand that can hold the smartphone on a flat surface (See Remote Testing Requirements).

iPad Minimum Requirements

Only an iPad 5+, iPad Air, iPad Mini 2+, iPad Pro can be used. Do not use any older iPads. No other tablets are compatible for electronic testing.

Below are the minimum system requirements to use Examplify for the iPad:

  • Operating System: iOS 13 or higher (Only genuine versions of iOS are supported)
  • 500 MB MB (1 GB preferred) of free space required to commence an exam

Remote Testing Requirements

  • Must have internet access at home. Can be either from high-speed internet service such as from Cox Cable, AT&T etc. or from a hotspot service available from a smartphone’s service such as Verizon, Sprint, etc.
  • Smartphone with a camera and capability to connect to the internet at home. The phone can either be an iPhone or an Android.
  • A stand to hold the smartphone so it can stand up on a flat surface.
  • The iPad must be able to connect to the internet at home so the exam can be downloaded to take and uploaded when completed. The iPad can connect to the internet either by using your home’s WiFi service or by using your smartphone’s hotspot connection if you have hotspot service available with your phone’s internet service. If the iPad has its own cellular service, then you can connect to the internet using that service.
  • A power cord for the smartphone that can reach a power source from the testing area. Power source can either be a portable charging battery or an electrical wall outlet.

An electronic and remote testing orientation class will be given in the fall to orient students to the testing process, the policy/procedure, and provide assistance in setting up the iPad and smartphone for remote testing. Students will be informed of the date and time for the class.

Because students in the Department of Nursing are required to access the learning management system Canvas, develop written assignments electronically, submit assignments electronically, and have access to daily course announcements, students must have internet access at home and we strongly recommend for students to have a fully functional computer.


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