University of Holy Cross

Nursing Admissions

Admission Requirements

Admission to the Department of Nursing is based upon:

  1. reading proficiency at college level in comprehension and vocabulary;
  2. completion of a minimum of 32 semester hours of Level I designated core and support courses with a grade of C or better;
  3. grade-point average of at least 2.5;
  4. successful score on all entrance examinations;
  5. formal application for admission to the Department of Nursing;
  6. three letters of recommendation.

Admission to the Department of Nursing is competitive.

Due to the use of objective criteria in processing applications, attainment of minimum admission requirements does not ensure admission to the Department of Nursing.

Louisiana State Board of Nursing's Criteria for Denial of Enrollment in a Clinical Nursing Course or for Licensure as a Registered Nurse

Students with the following conditions are ineligible to enroll in a clinical nursing course:

  1. pending disciplinary action or any restrictions of any form by a licensing/certifying board in any state; or
  2. pending criminal charge that involves any violence or danger to another person, or involves a crime which constitutes a threat to patient care; or
  3. has pled guilty, nolo contendere, been convicted of, or committed a:
    1. "crime of violence" specified in LRS 14:2(13), or
    2. crime which involves distribution of drugs, or
    3. crime which reflects on the ability of the person to practice nursing safely and is currently serving a court ordered probation; or falsifies any documents submitted to the board or the nursing school.

A pardon, suspension or imposition of sentence, expungement, or pretrial diversion or similar programs shall not negate or diminish the above requirements.



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