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University of Holy Cross

Faculty Publications

Dr. Josh Brumfield, Ph.D

The Dorothy Option? Dorothy,
Benedict, and the Future of the
Church,” Dorothy Day and the
Church, ed. Lance Byron Richey,
and Adam A. J. DeVille
(Valparaiso, Indiana:
Solidarity Hall, 2016)

Juyanne James

Collection of stories titled:
"The Persimmon Trail and Other
Stories" (Chin Music Press, 2015)

Craig Bauer, Ph,D

An Untractable Country: The History
of Kenner, LA Creole Genesis:
The Bringier Family and Antebellum
Plantation Life in Louisiana
(Lafayette: The University of
Louisiana at Lafayette Press), 2011.

Kevin Mis Solval, Ph.D

“Chitosan nanoparticle penetration
into shrimp muscle and its effects
on the microbial quality.” Food
Bioprocess Technology.
Chouljenko, A., A. Chotiko, M. Mis
Solval, K. Mis Solval and S. Sathivel.
2016. doi:10.1007/s11947-016-1805-z.

Larry Schneider


4123 Woodland Drive, New Orleans, LA 70131 (504) 394-7744 or 1-800-259-7744

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