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Going to a university is a tremendous experience for any student. But, at UHC we recognize it can also be a challenging time for the family and friends of the new student, especially for parents! That's why we have designed a special family orientation session for those who serve in a supporting role to new students.

Family orientation is for anyone who contributes to the support system for the university student. This can be the mother, father, sibling, other relatives, or a friend. Your new student will need plenty of support as they begin the emotional, academic, and financial responsibilities of going to University.

In your session, we will cover a variety of topics from FERPA (the Federal Educational Rights & Privacy Act), financing education, how to keep your student motivated, balancing your new role in your student's  life, and more. In our Q&A session, you will have the chance to ask questions and get the answers you need to feel more confident in helping your student stay in University, excel, and ultimately graduate!

For more on what Orientation & Registration Day will entail for your student, please click on the appropriate link to the left. Congratulations, and welcome to the UHC community!






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