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Scholarship Guide

The Moreau and Presidential Scholarships

The Moreau Scholarship, named for Fr. Basil Moreau, founder of the Congregation of the Marianites of Holy Cross and the Presidential Scholarship, honoring the University’s leader, are the University of Holy Cross’s most prestigious awards. Both the recipient of the Moreau Scholarship, and the recipient of the Presidential Scholarship will be exceptional entering freshmen who have demonstrated both outstanding leadership skills, and exemplary academic achievement. These scholarships will cover full tuition and fees for a maximum of four years.

Minimum eligibility requirements include:

  • GPA of 3.75
  • ACT score of 23

Additional Scholarships Offered:

Current UHC students benefit from a variety of scholarship programs created and funded by our generous alumni and other donors who continue to support the vision of the Marianite sisters.

Open to All Applicants Meeting UHC Scholarship Criteria

The following scholarships are awarded to outstanding scholarship applicants. Any requirement that is outside of the UHC scholarship criteria is parenthetically notated.

  • Blitch Knevel
  • Brother Debat, CSC
  • Brother Rex Hennel
  • Brown Foundation
  • Dean Rabalais
  • Dominga Garza
  • FJ & Nancy O’Neill
  • General Scholarship
  • Golf Tournament - TEC
  • Grandbouche
  • Greater New Orleans Foundation – ERP (New Orleans resident minimum of 5 years; 3.0 GPA or higher)
  • Hibernia
  • Mary Malone Chambers
  • Milton J. Womack
  • Nina Chester
  • Parents
  • Roger Leblanc
  • Holy Angels-Marianite-Murphy
  • Solomon
  • The Brother Robert Hampton, CSC Memorial Scholarship (May 2019 Holy Cross High School Graduate)
  • Thomas Chambers, CSC
  • Joseph and Rose Grilletta Ditta Memorial (Student must be at least 24 years of age)
  • Keller Foundation Scholarship
  • William L. Moreland Memorial

Major Specific Scholarships

The following scholarships are awarded to outstanding scholarship applicants who are enrolled in the major stipulated by the donor. The required major is parenthetically notated.

  • Jason Klause Memorial (History)
  • Marian Winters (Humanities)
  • Theology (Theology)
  • Jack Vigo Memorial (Business, Accounting Concentration)
  • Dr. Hay Counseling Center (Graduate Counseling)
  • Education (Education)
  • Sr. Theresa Macdonald (Education)
  • Scottish Rite (Education)

Nursing Students

The following scholarships are awarded to outstanding scholarship applicants who are enrolled, or will be enrolled, as Junior or Senior level Nursing students.

  • Amy Bourgeois Memorial
  • Ashlee Santos
  • Betty Rae Kern Memorial
  • Elenians
  • Janie Mistich Lively
  • Methodist Health System
  • Sr. Elizabeth Harkins

First Generations Scholarships

The University of Holy Cross participates in the Louisiana Board of Regents Endowed Undergraduate Scholarship Program for First-Generation College Students. To be considered for this scholarship, students:

  • Must be a Louisiana resident;
  • Must be a “first-generation college student”, i.e. neither parent or legal guardian(s) have earned a college degree;
  • Must be awarded a federal Pell Grant; and
  • Must be admitted to the institution awarding the scholarship.

In addition to the aforementioned requirements, students are awarded no less than $1000 per year. Additionally, students are provided meaningful campus employment of at least 10 hours per week over and above the scholarship awarded.


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