University of Holy Cross

Library Mission Statement


The mission of the Blaine S. Kern Library is to support University of Holy Cross in its mission of excellence in teaching, public services, and research by providing materials, instruction, and services that meet curriculum needs and promote lifelong learning.

To fulfill this mission the Library shall

  • provide access to appropriate resources through acquisitions, subscriptions, membership in academic library consortia, and other retrieval and delivery systems;
  • instruct users in the skills needed to retrieve, analyze, and apply information; and
  • provide services by offering informational and cultural resources for the College community and the people of the greater New Orleans area.






4123 Woodland Drive, New Orleans, LA 70131 (504) 394-7744 or 1-800-259-7744

A Ministry of the Marianites of Holy Cross: Educating Hearts and Minds

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