University of Holy Cross

Tuition Rates and Fees Academic Year 2016 - 2017

Undergraduate Tuition

$435 per semester hour
ESL $195 per semester hour
Nursing & Allied Health $500 per semester hour
RN to BSN $295 per semester hour

Graduate Tuition

$550 per semester hour


Administrative Support (non-refundable)  $357 per semester
Academic Support (non-refundable) $117 per semester
Bayou Bucks (adjusted for less than full-time,non-refundable) $122 per semester

SPECIAL CLASS FEES (depending on registration)

International Student Fee (for F1 visas)  $266 per semester
Nursing Compliance Fee $266 per semester
Clinical Nursing (clinical contact hours)  $165 per credit hour
Archdiocesan Teachers Institute (ATI) $147 per credit hour
ATI Administrative Fee $160 per semester
Allied Health Fee $165 per semester
Student Teaching (EDU 421)  $160 per course
Applied Piano/Voice $107 per course
Science Laboratory $135 per lab course
PLEP (EDU 305/EDU 310) $80 per course
ESL (EDU 462/EDU 463/EDU 464/EDU 465) $85 per course


Payment Plan Fee $55 per semester
Late Payment Plan Fee  $55 per incident
Nursing Application Fee  $55 per application
Graduation Application Fee $135 per application
Late Graduation Application Fee $80 (additional)
Late Registration Fee (non-refundable)* $160 per incident
Checks Returned ’unpaid' by banks Fee* $55 per check
Withdrawal Fee (non-refundable)* $100 per incident
Transcript Fee $10 per transcript
*Fees per occurrence/incident
(Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice)



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