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University of Holy Cross has moved to online instruction and administration due to the events of COVID-19.
All offices are available to provide assistance during this time.
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Bomb Threat Policy


Building evacuation may be necessary in the event of a bomb threat. The following procedures should be followed.


Bomb Threat Checklist (PDF)


In the event that a bomb threat is identified on campus, the individual receiving the threat should attempt to gather as much information about the caller and the potential threat as possible. The person should call 911 from either a campus phone or cell phone. Individuals should not attempt to locate or remove the bomb. The individual should contact security immediately to relay all information.

Upon evacuation of the building, all members of the University community should proceed to the nearest exit and move away from the building.

All members of the University community will be expected to follow the instructions of the personnel member directing the building evacuation. Failure to comply with these instructions will result in disciplinary action.

Members of the University community may be asked to assist a student with a physical disability. The person should first secure their personal belongings and self and then assist in evacuating the disabled individual.

In instances where the building and not the grounds are evacuated, individuals should remain 500 feet from the building.

No one should re-enter the building without the expressed consent of their immediate supervisor whom should coordinate re-entry with Campus Police.

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