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University of Holy Cross

Campus Safety Report


Our Lady of Holy Cross College

Security Information Report

2012-2013 Academic Year



The safety and security of all members of the campus community are of primary concern at OLHCC. The security management team at the college consists of representatives from the security guard service, maintenance department, Offices of Student Affairs and Business Affairs. The primary objective of this committee is to provide a safe and healthy environment that enhances the campus learning experience and compliments the college's educational mission. Together, this team is responsible for security, safety, and emergency response at the college. They are also responsible for providing support services tailored to meet the needs of the OLHCC community. Some of these services include:

  • Register vehicles and provide parking registration for students, faculty and staff.
  • Supply and process photo identification cards for members of the campus community.
  • Provide security of the physical plant and parking lots with foot and vehicle security patrols.
  • Inspect building for safety compliance and test and maintain all fire prevention equipment


Crimes and emergencies should be reported to the security guard or to the Office of Student Affairs at thetime of the occurrence. The Office maintains a close working relationship with all appropriate lawenforcement agencies and elements of the criminal justice system. Reports in the form of an Incident Report will be filed at the time of the occurrence. Our follow-up activities strive to identify and prosecute criminals, recover stolen property, and encourage restitution, when possible. A crime, which occurs off-campus, should be reported to the police department having legal jurisdiction of that area.


Our Lady of Holy Cross College is in full compliance with the Federal Law and the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988. The following acts or practices are prohibited and disciplinary action will be taken for infringement of any of these rules in or on college property.

  • Manufacture, sale, possession or use of drugs or narcotics on college property at any time, or reporting to school under the influence of drugs or narcotics
  • Possession or use of alcoholic beverages on college property, including vehicles is prohibited, except for events authorized by the President of the College

Students who believe they have an alcohol or drug related problem should be encouraged to voluntarily contact the Rev. Thomas E. Chambers Counseling Center for information and counseling.

A complete description of the alcohol and substance abuse policy is available in the Student Handbookand in the Faculty/Staff Handbook.

Policies regarding security access to facilities, and campus security can be found in the Student Handbook.

Information regarding drug and alcohol education, sexual assault and rape education and crime prevention can be obtained through the Rev. Thomas E. Chambers Counseling Center.

Any student reporting an on campus sexual assault or rape is asked to follow the reporting procedures outlined in the Student Handbook.  The student will be informed of his/her rights, responsibilities and options available.


Offense 2012-2013 Academic Year
Murder 0
Rape 0
Robbery 0
Aggravated Assault 0
Burglary 0
Auto Theft 0
Theft 1

Reports of Drug, Alcohol or Weapons Possession 2012-2013 Academic Year
Alcohol 0
Weapons 0
Arrests 0
Drugs 0


This report is mandated by the Student Right-To-Know and the Campus Security Act of 1990 and is made available on an annual basis.




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