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Disabilities Services

ADA Accommodations Policy

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the University of Holy Cross provides disability accommodations for students with identified and/or diagnosed disabilities.

Students with disabilities need not inform their instructors about the nature of their disabilities, but they are responsible for contacting and providing appropriate documentation to the Disability Services Coordinator prior to receiving accommodation. The process for requesting accommodation(s) is:

  1. The student should contact the Disability Services Coordinator to provide appropriate documentation regarding the disability
  2. The Disability Services Coordinator will provide a letter of accommodation, which must be signed by the student prior to its being distributed to faculty
  3. The student must submit his/her schedule each semester to request the release of the accommodation letter to faculty. Accommodation letters are NOT automatically sent to faculty - the student must request accommodation(s) each semester.
  4. The Disability Services Coordinator will notify the student when the accommodation letter has been sent to the faculty members requested.
  5. Once the accommodation letter has been sent to the faculty requested by the student, it is the student's responsibility to meet with each faculty member to discuss how his/her accommodations may be met within each course.

The University of Holy Cross will attempt to meet reasonable accommodations requested. A reasonable accommodation is a modification to a non-essential aspect of a course, program, service or facility which does not pose an undue burden and which enables a qualified student with a disability to have adequate opportunity to participate and to demonstrate his or her ability. Such accommodations are determined on an individual basis depending upon the nature and extent of the disability.

If a student has a documented disability which requires accommodation(s), or if more information is needed, please contact the Office of Academic Affairs at or the Disability Services Coordinator at



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