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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

B.S. in Business Administration

The curricula in Business Administration generally adhere to the curriculum standards promulgated by the American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business, which emphasize a broad education as the best preparation for positions carrying managerial or executive responsibilities. All programs concentrate in the freshman and sophomore years on a General Education curriculum drawn from the liberal arts and sciences, with professional courses concentrated in the junior and senior years. The purpose of the arts and sciences background is to provide students with the foundation upon which they may build a mastery of the behavioral, descriptive, environmental, and quantitative elements of professional course work. The general purpose of all Business curricula is to provide a broad, common body of knowledge in Business Administration. All of the Business programs are accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education.


Curriculum Guides

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Management Concentration
Marketing Concentration
Healthcare Management Concentration

All Business Administration students receive a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration. Students may choose an area of concentration or may choose to pursue the Business Administration degree with no area of concentration. Concentrations are earned by successfully completing 18 semester hours of advanced course work in an area of concentration. Concentrations are offered in management, marketing, healthcare management, and organizational management (accelerated program). The Business Administration curriculum provides broad exposure to all functions of business, a necessary requirement for a successful professional career. The Business Administration degree program requires 120 credit hours for completion.

Management Concentration

The curriculum in Management provides the Business student with an extension or concentration beyond the basic functions of the general Business Administration principles. This curriculum meets the special demands of and offers topics relevant to the professional manager’s individual and corporate responsibilities. In addition to the required fundamental Management courses, the student is afforded the opportunity to select additional Management electives for special concentration or interest.

Marketing Concentration

Marketing interests and demands are now considered essential to every entity in today’s world of business. Special emphasis is placed on the needs and understanding of those demands and requirements through this discipline. Understanding the complexities of the impact of marketing upon the profitability of the business entity is the primary objective of this curriculum. The student is directed within this curriculum to develop the skills necessary for positions in the marketing profession.

Healthcare Management Concentration

The combination of business education with specialization in healthcare management is a valuable asset to graduates seeking to contribute to an increasingly competitive, complex and demanding sector. The concentration focuses on filling needs for clinical leadership, innovative approaches to industry challenges, health analytics, health informatics and the tie between quality and cost.

Class Schedules

Required Business classes are normally offered during the semesters as listed below. In addition, the classes may be offered during other semesters if circumstances permit.

Students are cautioned to register for required courses in the years and semesters listed below. Failure to do so may create a scheduling conflict in a subsequent semester that could delay graduation.

Business Administration Level 1

Freshman - Fall

BIO Biological Science Elective 4
BUS 218 Introduction to Business 3
ENG 101 English Composition I 3
ART/FNA/MUS Fine Art Elective 3
THE Theology Elective 3

Freshman - Spring

ENG 102 English Composition II 3
PHI 207 Introduction to Logic and Critical Thinking 3
MAT 105 College Algebra 3
PSY 101 or
PSY 101
General Psychology or
Introduction to Sociology
SPE 101 Fundamentals of Public Speaking 3

Sophomore - Fall

ACC 205 Principles of Accounting I 3
BUS 251 Principles of Management 3
ECO 201 Principles of Economics I 3
HIS 201 History of the United States I 3
MAT 215 Finite Mathematics 3

Sophomore - Spring

ACC 206 Principles of Accounting II 3
BUS 252 Principles of Marketing 3
ECO 202 Principles of Economics II 3
CHE/ESC/PHY Physical Science Elective 4
HIS 202 History of the United States II 3

Business Administration – Level 2

Junior - Fall

BUS 210 Business Communication Skills 3
BUS 301 Business and Economic Statistics I 3
BUS 311 Principles of Business Finance 3
BUS/ECO Elective at the 300 or 400 Level 3
ENG Literature Elective 3
--- Social Science Elective 3

Junior - Spring

BUS 302 Business and Economic Statistics II 3
BUS 307 Managerial Accounting 3
BUS/ECO Elective at the 300 Level 3
PHI Philosophy Elective 3
--- Natural Science Elective 1

Senior - Fall

BUS 201 Business Law I 3
BUS 409 Business and Society 3
BUS 416 Organizational Behavior 3
BUS 462 Internship 3
BUS/ECO Elective at the 300 or 400 Level 3
--- General Elective 3

Senior - Spring

BUS 414 Business Policy and Problems 3
BUS 460 Special Topics at the 300 or 400 Level 3
THE Theology Elective 3
--- General Elective 3
Total: 120


Students who select a concentration should substitute the classes listed below for Business electives (18 hours available) and/or general electives (9 hours available).

Concentration in Management

BUS 309 Personnel Management 3
BUS 402 Business Law II 3
BUS 405 Production Management 3
BUS 455 International Management 3
BUS 460 Special Topics 3
BUS 462 Internship 3

Concentration in Marketing

BUS 313 Principles of Advertising 3
BUS 321 Consumer Behavior 3
BUS 325 Marketing Research 3
BUS 326 Salesmanship 3
BUS 377 Marketing Management 3
BUS 462 Internship 3

Concentration in Healthcare Management

HCM 350 US Healthcare System 3
HCM 360 Economics and Financing of Healthcare Delivery 3
HCM 370 Healthcare Information and Quality Management 3
HCM 410 Legal and Ethical Issues in Healthcare Administration 3
HCM 460 Internship in Healthcare Management 3
HCM 420 or
HCM 470
Elective 3

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Victoria M. Dahmes, Ph.D.


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