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General Studies (B.S.)


Interested In Many Academic Areas?

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With UHC's General Studies degree program, you can create your own curriculum.
Majoring in General Studies allows students to pursue a broad range of courses across academic disciplines.  This degree holds the same value as others in liberal arts or sciences and is often referred to as an "interdisciplinary" degree.

Visit our campus and learn more about General Studies. What academic areas can you pursue in General Students?  Opportunities exist in humanities, business, psychology, sociology, natural and social sciences and mathematics.

Some students choose General Studies because they want to design a degree program that meets their own unique interests or prepares them for a specific goal.  Others simply want to study broadly in many different academic areas. 

General Studies maintains rigorous academic requirements.  Students also will have to be proactive in designing a curriculum that meets the requirements.  Students who know themselves well may be more successful in forging their own pathways through General Studies than students who are still searching for what academic areas are most meaningful to them. 

How General Studies At UHC Works

After students complete their core curriculum and general educational requirements, they choose three General Studies major concentrations from the following four academic areas — professional studies, natural sciences, humanities, or social sciences.  They earn 18 semester hours in each concentration.  For the remaining hours in their degree program, they choose elective courses. Guided by their interests and creativity, students can choose complimentary courses across the disciplines that enrich their understanding of areas of greatest interest to them.

Where Can General Studies Take You? 

Think of a General Studies as another kind of liberal arts degree, a program that will teach you how to think critically and develop a knowledge base in a variety of academic disciplines.  Through General Studies, students should gain an appreciation of the political, historical, social, economic and broad cultural experiences of people from prehistoric times to the modern era. In short, General Studies develops your intellectual abilities in ways as individualized as you are. 

Support Abounds At UHC

UHC students always have plenty of support, and this is especially true for General Studies majors.  UHC counselors and faculty members offer the information and guidance  needed to design a rich, meaningful General Studies program. UHC encourages every student to be an individual. We personalize your educational experience, your relationships with faculty and classmates and even your course of study. 


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