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Earn A Master's Degree In Catholic Theology

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Asst. Professor Michael Carlin, PhD
Coordinator for Graduate Theology Program
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Why Should I Study Graduate Theology?

The University of Holy Cross is proud to offer a Master’s of Arts in Catholic Theology (MACT).  The MACT Program follows the Marianites of Holy Cross tradition in seeking to “educate the mind but not at the expense of the heart.”  This degree is a flexible and comprehensive way to learn and integrate Theology into your life, family, and/or profession.  Students will follow a thirty-six (36) credit hour course of study, which culminates in the conferral of the degree of Master of Arts in Catholic Theology.

Who Studies Graduate Theology?

The MACT is designed for those who seek to understand their faith and to communicate what they believe with others. The Program is intended for all Catholic Christians.  However, Christians from other denominations or persons from other religious traditions who want to understand the theology of the Catholic Church are welcome.  The MACT is offered for all, but especially for parents who lead their “domestic church” and who by their word and example [are] the first preachers of the faith to their children” (Lumen Gentium, 11); for working Christians who desire to grow their faith commensurate with their intelligence and experience in business, law, medicine, the arts, etc.; for those who want to pursue doctoral work in Theology, teach Theology, or participate in the many ministries offered by the Church.

How do I take Graduate Theology Classes?

The Program is presented in a hybrid format: in-class and online. Students will study Theology in The culture of one of the world’s great cities – New Orleans – to learn theology while absorbing its rich cultural traditions – food, music, art, and religion.  The online feature allows maximum flexibility for students to live while learning, in synchronous online or in-person classes, while raising their family, working, enjoying retirement, etc. Graduate Students will also have the opportunity to earn credit in a study abroad program.

What Classes will I Take?

Students engage in graduate level learning in all areas of Catholic Theology: Scripture, the Church, the development and reception of doctrine in history, the Christian vision of the human person and morality, as well as the Church’s influence upon cultures, science, education, economics, law, and medicine. Candidates from diverse backgrounds will discover ways to incorporate Theology into their lives or to become theologians and teachers for the Church. The goal is to guide students in understanding God through Sacred Scripture and Catholic doctrine and in theological arguments and concepts. By the end of the Program, students will have travelled far enough to know their faith and to proclaim the Good News reasonably, reflectively, and responsibly.

The MACT Program seeks to cultivate informed and independent thinkers capable of lifelong theological study and applying their knowledge to diverse situations:  among their families, colleagues, friends, patients, clients, and others.  By the end of the Program, students have travelled far enough to know their faith and to proclaim the Good News reasonably, reflectively, and responsibly.

How Do I Become a Graduate Theology Student?

Meet the Faculty

Assoc. Professor Todd Amick, PhD, JD, MAL
Sue Ellen Canizaro Endowed Chair of Catholic Theology
Coordinator for the Eradication of Systemic Poverty, Heart and Mind Cohort
Coordinator for Undergraduate Theology Program

Michael Carlin, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Theology
Coordinator for Graduate Theology

Margaret McKinnon, Ph. D.
Lecturer in Theology

Antonio Cercena
Lecturer in Theology


Victoria M. Dahmes, Ph.D.

Graduate Theology



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