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IACBE Accreditation


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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

The Department of Business Administration offers a student-centered learning environment by providing its students a quality education that prepares them to assume successful professional careers in a dynamic global environment. An emphasis is placed on theoretical knowledge reinforced with practical application in the area of technological innovations, communication skills, ethical decision making, critical thinking, acceptable management practices, and Catholic values.

The University of Holy Cross has received specialized accreditation for its business programs through the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE), located in Olathe, Kansas. The business programs in the following degrees are accredited by the IACBE:

Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration, with concentrations in a choice of 4 areas:

  • Management
  • Healthcare Management
  • Marketing
  • Organizational Management


IACBE Department of Business Administration Report

2015-2016 Academic Year



Enrollment 2015-16

Number of Degrees Conferred 2015-16

BS Business Administration 32 4
BS Business Adminstration – Accounting 22 4
BS Business Adminstration - Management 2 1
BS Business Adminstration - Marketing 6 0
BS Business Administration - Organizational Management 13 6
Totals for All Programs Combined (Please do not double-count students who pursued multiple programs during the reporting year, e.g., students who double-majored in both accounting and finance.) 75 15

Outcomes Assessment Results
For Academic Year: 2015-16

Section I: Student Learning Assessment

Student Learning Assessment for (Program 1)

Intended Student Learning Outcomes for (Program 1) :

1. Comprehension of ethical business decision-making

2. Use of critical thinking in the application of sound business practices

3. Knowledge of social and for-profit entrepreneurship

4. Application of international marketing and business management principles

Assessment Tools for Intended Student Learning Outcomes-

Direct Measures of Student Learning:

Performance Targets/Criteria for Direct Measures:

1. Grades and assessment of papers/presentations in BUS409

Success level in international Marketing and Management Game in BUS414

Grade of C or above and demonstrated comprehension of ethical management principles  in BUS409

Finish in top 100 in competition

2. Series of imbedded questions at beginning and end of semester that include critical thinking scenarios

Grades on pre and post test questions

Assessment Tools for Intended Student Learning Outcomes-

Indirect Measures of Student Learning

Performance Targets/Criteria for Indirect Measures:

1. Student Course Evaluations

80% satisfaction

2. Employment Success

60% Having employment upon graduation

Summary of Results from Implementing Direct Measures of Student Learning:

Performance Target Was...


Not Met

1. (Results for Direct Measure 1)



2. (Results for Direct Measure 2)



Summary of Results from Implementing Indirect Measures of Student Learning:

Performance Target Was...


Not Met

1. (Results for Indirect Measure 1)


2. (Results for Indirect Measure 2)



Proposed Courses of Action for Improvement in Areas for which Performance Targets Were Not Met:

1. Indirect measure 1 we will continue to improve our student assessment process.  This fall we are using a new form.

2. We have achieved our goal but our goal needs to be increased for student jobs after graduation.

3. (Course of Action 3)

4. (Course of Action 4)


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