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History & Social Sciences

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History, Legal Studies, Criminal Justice, Cultural Studies And More

Degrees (Curriculum Guides)

BA, History
BA, Social Sciences
BA, Social Sciences, Legal Studies concentration (Pre-Law)
BA, Social Sciences, Criminal Justice concentration
BA, Social Sciences, Teacher Certification concentration


The curriculum of the History Degree Program is structured to offer a broad range of courses designed to provide the student majoring in history with an overview of the history of western civilization and the United States together with a detailed knowledge of areas of compelling interest. Successful completion of this program should adequately prepare the student to begin graduate studies and/or gainful employment.

What Students Pursue Social Sciences?

Typically, students seeking admission to law school or a career in criminal justice have comprised a significant number.  But there’s far more to Social Sciences, especially at UHC.  History buffs and students intrigued by all kinds of human cultures may find their futures here. 
As pillars of liberal arts education, Social Sciences and History develop student understanding of modern society and the recurring historical and cultural patterns in our world, nation and region.  Students study government, family structure, religion, legal studies, criminal justice and geography.  In all areas of Social Sciences, students relate lessons from the past to challenges of the present.

Talented, Inspiring Faculty

Highly credentialed professors love sharing their passion for their areas of expertise, helping students learn deeply and think critically.  Small classes and a commitment to knowing students as individuals contribute to the close relationship among faculty and students. 

More Opportunities To Develop Your Interests

The UHC chapter of the national history honor society Phi Alpha Theta gives students opportunities for intellectual exchange and development are offered through.  Seniors may also benefit from internships at area museums.

Where Will Social Sciences Take You?

UHC Social Science and History graduates have become attorneys, graduate students, teachers, political activists and librarians. Graduates also are qualified for a wide range of jobs in criminal justice, organizational management, government and any field in which sharp skills in reading, analyzing, oral communication, research and task organization are required.

Take It From Churchill:  'Study History, Study History'

History is one of the oldest courses of study among institutions of higher learning.  By studying history from ancient to modern times, students achieve personal growth, professional competence and civic responsibility.  At UHC, History majors--once their general requirements are met--study courses that provide an overview of western civilization and the United States.  Students also pursue their own historical interests. Excellent history students are well-qualified for many careers including teaching, tourism management, grant writing, foreign service staff, the military and law enforcement.  

Preparing For Law School, Legal Studies

UHC’s bachelor’s degree program with a concentration in Legal Studies thoroughly prepares students for admission to law school.  It also provides a solid foundation for those wishing to become paralegals or professionals in related legal fields.  Whatever a student’s career goals may be in Legal Studies, UHC’s low faculty-student ratio and personalized educational experience deliver a distinct advantage.  
After completing their core curriculum and general education requirements, Legal Studies majors embark on courses as such Constitutional Law and Judicial Process.  The program stimulates critical and analytical thinking and inquiry about the theoretical and practical dynamics, historical framework and cultural parameters of law.

Growing Criminal Justice Degree Program

This program gives students the strong background needed to find success in law enforcement, criminal justice and related fields.  Modern society’s concerns with crime and homeland security have created new career opportunities in these fields.  In New Orleans, for example, there is an urgent need for hundreds of additional police officers, and college credits are a prerequisite for the job. 

Social Sciences, Teaching Social Sciences

Through in-depth study of all facets of human societies, Social Sciences students develop their thinking, speaking, research and writing abilities.  After completing core courses and general requirements, general Society Sciences majors are immersed in history, geography and complementary electives.  UHC’s Social Sciences bachelor’s degree with a concentration in teaching gives students the knowledge, skills, preparation and credentials to teach in high schools. 

Social Sciences Popular Courses

Survey courses in Western Civilization and American History, Louisiana History, Contemporary Europe, Constitutional Law, New Orleans History and Geography.

Meet Our Students

“The faculty really push us to do something to challenge ourselves.” Allison Houston, History, Class of ’15

What Our Graduates Say

“Not only have I received a great education, but I’ve acquired the tools and confidence to accomplish anything I put my mind to.”  Drew Doucet, BA, History, ‘14 

“The University of Holy Cross’s History program has met and exceeded by expectation.”  Kelsey Kish, BA, History,  ‘12

Learn About Our Faculty

Professor Mark Kuss, JD, PhD, is the author of several articles and numerous book reviews in international history journals.

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