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Undergraduate Programs

UHC offers a variety of undergraduate fields of study, many of which combine traditional classroom academics with real-world experience in the field. As part of the Marianite philosophy of educating the heart and the mind, you will also be encouraged to engage in leadership and service opportunities to expand your experience here at UHC.


Health Sciences

The Health Sciences Department offers a wide variety of clinical and non-clinical degree tracks including A.S. and B.S. degrees in Radiologic Technology and A.S. and B.S. degrees in Neurodiagnostic Technology. Our clinical programs are CAAHEP - accredited. Another option is the B.S. in Health Sciences degree. Students can choose from a wide variety of tracks such as pre - Audiology, pre - Occupational Therapy, pre - Public Health, or Diagnostic Medical Sonography. There are also several bachelor completion degree tracks available for individuals who have earned an associate degree and credentials in a clinical field such as EEG, medical lab tech, radiologic technology or respiratory therapy/ cardiopulmonary care science. These degree tracks award transfer credit toward a B.S. in Health Sciences for the professional training which has been completed. They are designed for the working professional and can be completed online. Click here Health Sciences to read more about our programs.    



The curricular in the natural sciences provide instruction in the discipline of biology with support from the areas of chemistry, earth science, mathematics, and physics which assist students in the development of competence in their chosen field. Read more about Biology programs.

Business Administration and Accounting

Business Department offers undergraduate degrees in Business Administration and Accounting.

Business Administration students may choose an area of concentration or may choose to pursue the Business Administration degree with no area of concentration. Concentrations are offered in management, marketing, healthcare management, and organizational management (accelerated program). The Business Administration curriculum provides broad exposure to all functions of business, a necessary requirement for a successful professional career.

Accounting students are prepared for positions and careers in public, private, and governmental accounting. The study of accounting provides student with the best possible credentials to serve the needs of today’s world of commerce. Students completing B.S. in Accounting degree (120 credit hours) are prepared in the foundations of the profession and graduate with all accounting courses required for CPA examination. Read more about Business Administration and Accounting.

Counseling and Behavioral Sciences

For the student interested in the Counseling and Behavioral Sciences, University of Holy Cross offers numerous areas of study including Addictions Counseling, Applied Behavioral Science, Juvenile Counseling, Psychology and Social Counseling. The School Counseling Program, Marriage and Family Counseling Program and the Community Counseling Program of the University of Holy Cross are accredited by CACREP. Read more about Counseling and Behavioral Sciences


The program content includes educational foundations and instructional design in conjunction with practical and clinical experiences, seminars, internships, and role modeling. University of Holy Cross offers a BA/BS in Elementary Education, Alternative Certifications and Add-On Certifications in Early Childhood Education, English as a Second Language and Special Education. Read more about Education


The English curriculum offers a broad spectrum of courses aimed at training students to think clearly, to communicate effectively, to judge carefully, to analyze critically, and to appreciate the aesthetic beauty of great literature. Read more about English

Food Science

Food Science is a growing field throughout the world that promises many rewarding career opportunities.  University of Holy Cross is at the forefront.  Our new Food Science program, within the Biology Department, prepares students for leadership in a variety of professions that ensure safety and quality of food.  As supplying food for a growing world becomes more challenging and complex, Food Science graduates have opportunities to become essential professionals. Read more about Food Science

General Studies

The curriculum of the General Studies Degree Program is structured to offer a broad range of courses designed to provide the student majoring in general studies with a choice of a major concentration. It affords the opportunity to combine areas of concentration mutually enhancing to each other, thereby providing more effective preparation for the workplace or graduate studies. Read more about General Studies


The curriculum of the History Degree Program is structured to offer a broad range of courses with a detailed knowledge of areas of compelling interest. Read more about History

Liberal Arts

The purpose of the Liberal Arts program is to provide a firm foundation upon which to gain understanding and appreciation of mankind's accomplishments in the arts, sciences, and humanities. The program gives the student latitude in creating a curriculum to meet his or her needs and interests. It affords the opportunity to combine areas of concentration, thereby providing a more effective and comprehensive education. Read more about Liberal Arts


Students may be admitted to the nursing clinical sequence in the fall semester of the sophomore year. During this semester the students enroll in two non-clinical nursing courses and complete the core and science courses that are the foundation of the nursing program. Nursing courses are serial and are concentrated at the junior and senior level of the program. A practicum is required in each clinical nursing course. Read more about Nursing

Social Sciences

The broad purpose of the social sciences is to treat men's/women's group relationships in order that their creations in the arts as well as their discoveries in the sciences may be understood, appreciated, and applied to contemporary society. Read more about Social Sciences

Social Sciences with a Concentration in Legal Studies

University of Holy Cross offers a Social Sciences Program with a concentration in Legal Studies. Read more about the Social Sciences with a concentration in Legal Studies


The purpose of the study of theology at University of Holy Cross is to expose the student to the wealth and depth of the Judeo-Christian tradition, in the context of Roman Catholic theology. By pursuing a major in Theology at University of Holy Cross, a student is introduced to theological study and given the preparation necessary to continue to advanced theological studies. Read more about Theology

Definition of Credit Hours
UHC defines a credit hour as a reasonable approximation of the student learning outcome equivalency of, at a minimum, a Carnegie Unit. Course developers ensure that the quantity of student learning required per credit is the equivalent of approximately 45 hours of course work for the semester (not less than 50 minutes of classroom or direct faculty instruction and a minimum of two hours out of class student work each week for 15 weeks for one semester of credit) through activities that 1) address and demonstrate student competency in the defined learning outcomes; and 2) draw upon recommended instructional practices identified by the University.

Definition of Distance Education (Online) Credit Hours 
At University of Holy Cross, three credit hour courses physically meet for 150 minutes per week over the course of a sixteen week semester. Although distance education courses do not meet in a physical location, instructors take the above formula in consideration when they determine course content and assignments utilizing tools in BlackBoard (i.e. discussion board, posting of assignments, digital drop box, and timed online testing). Instructional delivery methods fulfill engaged time requirements for each credit hour. 


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