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University of Holy Cross Alumni/Alumnae Association Strategic Plan




We, the Alumni and Alumnae Association, seek to serve as active volunteers and community leaders dedicated to encouraging involvement of our alumni, alumnae and friends by facilitating the programs of our Association that will enhance the mission of the University of Holy Cross, a ministry of the Marianites of Holy Cross.


The Alumni and Alumnae Association dedicated to the values and teachings of the Marianites of Holy Cross, desires to maintain a strong and positive presence in our University community, to engage in meaningful community service in our University's name,and to continually support our dear Alma Mater spiritually, professionally, and financially. We, as University ambassadors, strive to preserve Catholic identity and Marianite heritage while continuing to reach out to our alumni and alumnae as well as to other diverse individuals and groups in the entire community.


Giving Back
Family/Individualized Attention/ Sense of Belonging
Commitment/Lifelong Connection
Recognition/Celebration of Talents (Honors’ Convocation)
Student Oriented
Networking/Role Models
Personal/Circular Relationships


1.  Students learn about the mission and activities of the University of Holy Cross Alumni
Association,  and see the alumni as leaders.

2.  Students are recruited for volunteer opportunities after graduation.

3.  We connect students to the community.


1.  100% of Alumni Board gives to the Annual Fund each year
--presence and service are demonstrated

2.  Alumni Board attending meetings and alumni functions
--attending at least 4 alumni events/3 alumni board meetings

3.  Alumni Board giving
--demonstrates dedication to student scholarships, which leads others to give
--helps with fundraising (phone-a-thon, foundation gifts, corporation gifts);
--perhaps Treasurer could spearhead giving campaign

4.  Alumni Board encourages other alumni to give.
--alumni base becomes familiar with fundraising and assists staff in building giving capacity 3%
every year

5.  Alumni Board works effectively and enthusiastically with the Office of Philanthropy and Stewardship
to help accomplish the Philanthropy’s Office Strategic Plan (this plan is currently being drafted).

6.  Helping to recruit other alumni volunteers.


1.  Increase alumni giving participation 3% each year.

2.  Alumni Board helps with 7 recruiting events each year (mandatory 3 out of 7).
--Back-to-School BBQ/Fall Fest, Alumni Fall Social, Christmas Party, Evening of Reflection,
Crawfish Boil/BBQ, Leadership Dinner, and Zephyrs Night.

3.  Alumni Association helps to produce 10 internship opportunities for our students annually.

4.  Alumni Association helps to solicit donations from 10 businesses for soft credit annually.


1.  Providing a report that illustrates a donor count for the fiscal year.

2.  Having students complete a survey on the alumni events that they attend.

3.  Tracking the number of internship opportunities for students through alumni connections.

4.  Tracking volunteer services.

5.  Assessing whether student outcomes are being viewed as positive or not.


1.  Student Leadership Dinner
--recruitment for the Alumni Board
--community service opportunities
--alumni to identify internship for students

2.  Back-to-School BBQ
--sponsored by the Alumni Association
--alumni are visible to students
--alumni are welcoming faculty, staff, and students

3.  Evening of Reflection
--co-sponsored by the Alumni Association
--core values of University are demonstrated by our presence and service

4.  Ochsner Luncheon (radiology/respiratory care students)
--information about the Alumni Association is given to students
--event at hospital at the shift change can involve more involve alumni

5.  Alumni partnership with student organizations
--student organization events can attract alumni presence

6.  Christmas Party
--co-sponsored alumni event
--alumni network with students notifying them of the benefits of being on the Alumni Board

7.  Crawfish Boil
--co-sponsored alumni event
--serves as a homecoming to alumni to network with students and other alumni

8.  Alumni Fall Social
--alumni network with SGA members to recruit student involvement
--SGA members learn more about association and University



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