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Loan Deferments

Under certain circumstances, a repayment of a federal loan may be deferred. During deferment, you are not required to pay loan principal, and interest on subsidized loans does not accrue. To learn more about deferments, read the Summary of Loan Deferment Conditions for Stafford and Perkins Loans Borrowers.

Students who have a valid Social Security number on file at OLHCC will have their enrollment here reported and updated monthly with the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC). The NSC communicates electronically with the federal and non-federal loan servicers to ensure that students who remain enrolled maintain the in-school deferments for which they are eligible. Borrowers who seek to defer repayment of their prior student loans and do not want to rely on the electronic exchange with the NSC must fill out forms to have their enrollment status verified. Forms from their lender(s) should be sent directly to theOLHCC Office of the Registrar. At the top of the form, students should include their enrollment start date and the term for which they are requesting an in-school deferment.




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