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Students FAQ

  1. How to add Canvas App to a mobile phone?

    Android -

    Ensure the app allows access to your microphone:


  2. Troubleshooting sound issues in Zoom sessions


  3. How to connect audio to a Zoom session without a microphone


  4. How to reduce an echo during a Zoom session


  5. Having trouble navigating Canvas?

  6. Going to Canvas Tour will show you how to navigate Canvas

  7. What to do if my professor’s voice is low or not clear?

    1. In the bottom right corner of your Taskbar in Windows, you will see a small speaker. Click the speaker to make sure the volume is at the desired sound level:

  8. How to embed a video in Canvas?

    When you post a video assignment this is a guide on how to post video.


  9.  Why is my Zoom meeting moving slow or appears to lag


  10. How can I get my password reset?






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