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UHC Residence Hall Network

The University of Holy Cross has installed a robust wireless network for the students, faculty, and staff. This network extends to the UHC Residence Hall.

The WiFi network UHC-Student is available for all students to connect their devices. Wireless devices will need to support 802.1x authentication to access the wireless network; you will use your normal UHC username and password.

Most devices, like laptops, desktops and mobile devices, bought within the last 5 years support this authentication method, but many TVs and game consoles do not.  Any devices not capable of 802.1x authentication will need to connect to the wired network. To do so, you will need an ethernet cable, and you will need to register the MAC address of the device you wish to connect with the IT department. Visit this link for instructions on finding the MAC address.

To register your device:

Email the MAC Address to

We recommend you use the UHC wired network whenever you are taking tests/quizzes. It is a dedicated line and should prevent you from getting disconnected at such a critical time.

It is also recommended to use the wired network when streaming as the wired network is faster and more reliable.

Residents are not allowed to install or use any device that broadcasts a wifi network or intentionally disrupts UHC wifi access. Devices include, but is not limited to Adhoc Wireless networks, wireless modems, access points, extenders, and routers. These consumer grade devices will cause interference with the UHC WiFi system and disrupt services for other Residents.

Residents must adhere to the UHC Technology policy



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