As each regular semester draws to a close, the University of Holy Cross takes a moment to celebrate and honor the academic achievements of its dedicated students. In a tradition that underscores excellence, the university proudly announces the names of those who have earned distinction on either the President’s List or the Dean’s List.

To be eligible for consideration, students must be enrolled on a full-time basis, reflecting the university's commitment to recognizing the efforts of those fully immersed in their academic pursuits.

The Dean’s List is a testament to academic prowess, requiring students to demonstrate a commendable GPA of 3.5 or higher. This accolade reflects not only a commitment to excellence but also a level of academic engagement that sets them apart.

For the pinnacle of academic achievement, the President’s List awaits those students who have attained a GPA of 3.8 or higher. This exclusive list is a testament to the highest standards of scholastic excellence, recognizing individuals whose dedication to their studies has set them on a path of exceptional academic accomplishment.

In these moments of recognition, the University of Holy Cross not only celebrates individual achievements but also underscores its commitment to fostering a community of passionate learners and scholars. It is a reflection of the university's dedication to academic excellence and the pursuit of knowledge.

Keilah Bordelon

Rachel Boudoin

Meleah Champagne

Kassi Cressonie

Diann Daigle

Abigail Decareaux

Ava Donahue

Justin Dunlap

Gabrielle Dupre

Isabelle Giangrosso

Lindsey Hebert

Courtney Holler

Andrew Hopel

Lucky Huynh

Katherine Kinnard

Mi'Ge Leban

Damon Martin

Myesha Martin

Ronald Martin

Brittany Mautino

Jordan McNally

Kristen Millet

Dustin Nguyen

Katie Nguyen

Megan Novotny-Eberhardt

Isaiah Odoms

Danielle Parker

Laney Ramirez

Natalie Rico

Sierra Spoon

Kali Timken

Harrison Trepagnier

Courtney Vidrine

Madeline Vogt

Madison Brandstetter

Brooklyn Casanova

Joon Choi

Matthew DiMaggio

Alyssa Dinh

Theresa Fisher

Zachary Jouandot

Paris Lewis

Salina Mansukhani

Jennifer Messa

Amelia Mire

Paulina Mora

Caden Paternostro

Stephen Powers

Kharlee St. Ann

Madison Valenti

Jessica Vanveckhoven