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Biology (AS & BS)



An impressive percentage of Biology graduates enter medical school, dentistry school, veterinary school, and professional programs for physician assistants, pharmacy, physical therapy and dental hygiene.

Curriculum Guides

Biology Opens Many Career Opportunities

Biology can launch you toward many varied opportunities, from laboratory research to health care, medical school to physician assistant programs, pharmacy to veterinary science.  UHC has developed a prestigious Biology program that is small in numbers yet big in the results it brings to students.   

Here, students find a rigorous academic program that serves as a strong foundation for acceptance to medical school and other health professional schools or for careers in teaching, research or other fields.  Small classes, mentorship with committed professors, well-equipped laboratories and individualized guidance give Biology students a measurable advantage. 

You Can Always Ask Your Professor

UHC's personalized education experience and small classes are particularly useful in Biology, where students integrate laboratory experiences with lectures and study. There's always time and opportunity to talk to your professors, who are committed to mentoring students.  Many courses are taught by physicians with extensive clinical experience who served as medical school preceptors and mentors.  Advising also is based on real-life experiences.  Professors guide students in selecting ideal courses and course sequences.

Every Student Has Their Own Microscope

UHC has exceptionally well-equipped and completely renovated Biology, Chemistry and Physics laboratories.   Anatomy and Physiology laboratories feature advanced, whole-animal dissections. Professors focus heavily on clinical case studies to correlate didactic materials with clinical applications. Small class sizes enable Biology students to study concepts and conduct practical experiments that deepen understanding.

Degrees In Biology and for Science Teachers

General bachelor's degrees in Biology incorporate the study of living organisms, including Anatomy and Physiology, with support from Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics. After completing core requirements, Biology majors start a course of study that includes courses in Zoology, Genetics, Ecology, and more.  There's also a degree program that trains students to teach Biology in secondary schools.

Pre-Professional Programs Focus On Getting You Accepted

UHC gives students a strong foundation that can get you accepted into medical and health-related professional schools--and help you achieve once you get there. 

All UHC departments help students think analytically, communicate effectively and achieve in their undergraduate courses.  Students also have opportunities to develop leadership and professional skills, and get involved in the community.  These are skills and qualities mandatory for acceptance to all professional schools. 

Students never get lost in a crowd.  Faculty, counselors and other supportive staff get to know you and help you plan an academic program designed to get you accepted.  Choosing optimal major courses and elective courses can help you reach your goals. In many instances, faculty have first-hand, professional school experience that they pass along to students they mentor. 

Preparation For Competitive Careers Starts Here

Pre-med and other related majors are completely geared to help students prepare for professional schools.  Advising is based on real-life experiences.  Professors guide students in selecting ideal courses and course sequences and serve as mentors through a complicated process.

At UHC, Courses in Anatomy and Physiology, Pathophysiology, Histology and Pharmacology are modeled after medical and dental school curricula.  The exceptional preparation in these and other courses gives students skills that are essential to success.  There’s also a heavy emphasis on cross-sectional structure, radiographic anatomy and microscopic skills to help students prepare for clinical environments that rely on new non-surgical modalities.  Course content is designed to prepare students for graduate study:  MACT, DAT, GRE, PCAT or OAT.  Tests within courses often include MCAT-type questions that develop problem-solving and critical-thinking skills necessary for success on the entrance examinations and testing at the next level.

Get Active With Other Students

Two student organizations, the American Medical Student Association and the Pre-med Honor Society, are active on campus and enable students to engage with each other while they advance through the curricula. These groups honor student leaders in the organizations, help with campus recruiting events, and perform service to the community, building a track record of student activity that can be helpful in applying to medical schools and other institutions.

What Graduates Attending Professional Schools Say

“UHC professors have continually gone out of their way to lend me an ear, a hand.”
UHC Biology graduate Lily Truong, now an LSU Medical School student

 “Thank you so much for the wonderful experience at Holy Cross. The good old Anatomy and Physiology I class I took pushed me to excel in ways I didn’t think were possible. Since that class, I have strived to push myself to the limit.”
Katlynn Colburn, UHC Biology graduate and student, LSU School of Dentistry

“When I started veterinary school, microanatomy and physiology had a majority most of the class freaking out, but I felt ahead of the game. It was because of Dr. Pinner’s Histology class. Everything they lectured on I already knew. He really made a difference in my education and prepared me for veterinary school.”
Shelly Puderer, UHC Biology graduate, current Veterinary Medicine student

“My personalized experience at UHC allowed me to grow intellectually, spiritually and professionally.”
Miranda Dermady, BS Biology ’10, Xavier University College of Pharmacy

"I wanted to let you know that I was accepted into medical school at Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine in Monroe, LA. I cannot thank you enough for all the support, encouragement, and challenges to build confidence that you have given me. I want you to know how much that your program and more so specifically you yourself [Dr. Pinner] and Dr. Wiser have impacted my life. I am sure I am not the only one and I will never forget you and your teachings throughout my career. I am so excited to know that I have gotten an amazing head start on medical school. I am so happy to see that Karen was accepted to medical school and Emmy into PA school…If there is anything that you ever need please do not hesitate to contact me. I wish you and your family well."
Skylar Erikson, UHC Graduate, January 2021

"I just wanted to let you know that I will be accepting a seat with XAVIER'S PA PROGRAM!!!!! I just got the email!!! I'm over the moon. Thank you both [Drs. Pinner and Wizer] so much for being a major part of my journey and teaching me so much!!! Your words of encouragement and wisdom have and will continue to take me far!! Love you both!"
Cori Cundiff, UHC Class of ’22, Accepted to Xavier University Physician Assistant Program