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Transfer Admission Requirements 

Applicants intending to transfer to the University of Holy Cross from regionally accredited colleges and universities must be considered in good standing at the last school attended, as per the UHC Catalog. Regardless of the date when courses were taken, credit may be transferred to UHC only for those courses in which a minimum grade of "C" was earned and which can be applied directly to a program of study at the University of Holy Cross, unless otherwise informed.

Transfer students with less than 12 credit hours of completed college-level credit will be considered as first-time freshmen. Applicants in this category must refer to the policy for freshman admission.

Transfer students with 12 or more credit hours of completed college-level credit who obtained a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0 or higher at their previous institution are granted admission to the University. Upon review of official transcripts from the previous university, if a student has not completed courses equivalent to UHC’s English 101, 102, and Mathematics 105 with a “C” or better, a placement test is required prior to registration, unless the student provides ACT scores that may be used for placement. 

Probationary Transfer Admission

Probationary Transfer Admissions will be granted to any entering transfer student whose cumulative GPA is lower than a 2.0.


Suspensions at another college or university will be honored at UHC for the length of the suspension. Students on academic suspension may be admitted to the University on a probationary status.

Denial process: Any applicant who does not meet the above requirements will be denied admission to the University. The applicant may decide to request an Appeal to the Vice President of Admissions & Financial Aid by submitting a 1-page letter stating why the applicant should be granted admission to the University. Denials appeals are reviewed, and decisions are made by the Office of Admissions & Recruitment Standard Committee.

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