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English (BA)


Famous Writers, Shakespeare, Dickens, Twain, Stowe, Marlowe, Austen


Curriculum Guide

BA in English Curriculum Guide

The English curriculum offers a broad spectrum of courses aimed at training students to think clearly, to communicate effectively, to judge carefully, to analyze critically, and to appreciate the aesthetic beauty of great literature. Along with survey courses in American and British literature, the curriculum includes such interdisciplinary courses as Women in Literature and World Literature. Other courses includeShakespeareSouthern LiteratureIntroduction to Literary Forms, and Modern Poetry. A Special Topics seminar is offered as needed; possible topics are LinguisticsLiterary CriticismChristianity and LiteratureThe Bible as Literature, and Epic Poetry. During their senior year, students may (1) serve as interns in a pre-professional capacity in a communications-related field, such as public relations, television, radio, or newspaper or (2) pursue an approved independent-study project manifesting scholarly-level writing and research and aimed at producing a senior thesis.

Many employers seek college graduates who can express themselves well in person and through their writing, as well as those who can draw on the ideas of the major thinkers and writers of the world. Some of the careers open to English majors include:

  • College or university professor
  • High school or middle school teacher
  • Arts reviewer
  • Critic
  • Journalist
  • Editor
  • Advertising copy writer
  • Grant writer
  • Speech writer
  • Creative and non-fiction writer
  • Poet
  • Audiovisual writer
  • Television producer and writer
  • Columnist
  • Business writer
  • Lawyer
  • Paralegal
  • Marketing
  • Sales representative
  • Public relations executive
  • Development director
  • Insurance agent
  • Museum curator
  • Arts councilor
  • And just about any other field where self-expression is key…

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