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Theology (BA)


Prepare for ministry, pastoral leadership, advanced studies, or success in related fields such as law, politics and history.

Curriculum Guides
Why Should I Major in Theology?

Majoring in Theology prepares students to integrate their relationship with God into their lives and professional goals. Academic coursework is suited to the needs of contemporary students and engages them in philosophy, sacred scripture, Catholic traditions, and morality. The program culminates in a research project and service practicum.

How Can I Become A Theology Teacher?

Study Theology with a concentration in Religious Education. UHC also offers a Theology degree with a major concentration in Religious Education. This prepares students for parish ministry and classroom teaching in elementary and high school. The program combines studies of philosophy, theology, and education and also includes a research project and student teaching practicum.

Why Should I Minor in Theology?

You can earn a minor in Theology while pursuing another major. A unique strength of UHC is that for every major, you will have the opportunity to learn how your faith is an essential part of doing it well. As a UHC student, you will take 2 Theology courses as part of your core curriculum. But the motivated student can choose to take theology courses as his/her free electives and earn a Minor in Theology at the same time.

Core Principles - UHC Theology

What makes UHC Theology unique is our focus on our core principles, which helps us to study in faith and joy.

  • Personal intellectual, moral, and spiritual excellence
  • Theology is done within the Tradition of the Church
  • Ecumenical and interfaith outlook
  • Theology in service to others

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Assoc. Professor Todd Amick, PhD, JD, MAL
Sue Ellen Canizaro Endowed Chair of Catholic Theology
Coordinator for the Eradication of Systemic Poverty, Heart and Mind Cohort
Coordinator for Undergraduate Theology Program
Call: (504) 398-2170