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The Master of Arts in Humanities (MAH) is the University’s first interdisciplinary graduate-level program, focused initially on English and Philosophy as concentrations. The MAH has a 36-hour, two-year curriculum, but candidates may take up to five years to complete the degree. The program includes a Master’s thesis and is interdisciplinary in nature and instruction. Students take required core curriculum courses in each discipline, team-taught courses in the two disciplines, and electives in the concentration of their choice. Additionally, students selecting English as their concentration may focus on either Literary Studies or Creative Writing. Students are directed in writing their thesis by faculty in their concentration. Courses are seminars and workshops that emphasize discussion, student presentations, and guest lectures.

The MAH degree reflects the Mission of the University of Holy Cross to provide a quality, well-rounded liberal education to the community. The program serves the community, both traditional and non-traditional students, by providing a means to professional advancement in a variety of fields from Education to Law.

Interdisciplinary studies are a unique way to fulfill the University’s Mission to educate the minds as well as the hearts of its students. Specifically, the discipline of Philosophy is directed toward critical thinking that is key to the pursuit of truth and goodness, and the discipline of English promotes creativity and appreciation of artistic beauty, as well as clear and logical verbal and written communication.

An additional benefit of this curriculum is that students complete more than 18 hours of graduate credits in either English or Philosophy, which will qualify them to teach courses in their discipline at the college level.

Tuition Discount

The MAH program is discounted 50% for any graduate student currently employed as a teacher in any school, private or public. The discount is applied upon receipt of proof of employment (i.e., letter from principal).

MAH Program Materials:
MAH Program Faculty:

Claudia M. Champagne, PhD
Professor of English, Chair of the Humanities Department
MAH Coordinator

Caitlin Smith Gilson, PhD
Professor of Philosophy

Juyanne James, MA, MFA
Associate Professor of English

Edward R. Johnson, PhD
Adjunct Professor of Philosophy

Vladimir Thomas, PhD
Adjunct Associate Professor of Philosophy

For more information, please contact:
Dr. Claudia Champagne
Chair of the Humanities Department or (504) 398-2105.