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Health Sciences (AS & BS)

Health Sciences

Curriculum Guides

AS in Health Sciences for EKG and Cardiovascular Tech Curriculum Guide

BS in Health Sciences for Radiologic Technologist Curriculum Guide

BS in Health Sciences for Respiratory Therapists Curriculum Guide

BS in Health Sciences for Diagnostic Medical Sonography Curriculum Guide

BS in Health Sciences - Pre-Public Health

BS in Health Sciences for Electroencephalography Technologists Curriculum Guide

BS in Health Sciences – Pre-Audiology Track

BS in Health Sciences for Pre-Occupational Therapy Track

BS in Health Sciences for Medical Lab Technician

BS in Health Sciences for Cardiopulmonary Care Technician

Radiologic Technologist/Respiratory Therapist/Cardiopulmonary Care Science/ Medical Lab Technicians/ EEG Technologist (NDT)

The Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences is offered to health professionals upon completion of baccalaureate requirements. This is a bachelor's completion degree for radiologic technologists, EEG technologists, medical lab technicians, and respiratory therapists who have completed their clinical training and earned their professional credentials. Transfer credit is awarded for the clinical training program. This degree provides a liberal arts education to enrich the technical background already obtained. It is designed for busy working professionals who want to advance their careers and desire a degree program that can be completed online. The University of Holy Cross has affiliation agreements for bachelor completion degree tracks with a number of colleges including Delgado Community College, Fletcher, and Wake Technical Community College.

Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Students in this curriculum will learn to perform diagnostic medical procedures that utilize high-frequency sound waves (ultrasound) to produce dynamic visual images of organs, tissues, or blood flow inside the body.

As per an affiliation agreement between UHC and Delgado Community College, students complete their prerequisites at UHC and then apply to Delgado's clinical training program in DMS. Admission to the clinical training program is competitive.