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The annual security report is produced by the Security Office. The Security Office’s primary goal is to provide safety to the campus and to keep the campus community informed of crime incidents. The Office maintains a computerized tracking system for statistical records of incident reported to campus security of incidents reported. Statistics are also gathered from UHC Office of Student Affairs as well as local law enforcement agencies. These incidents can occur both on campus at University owned or controlled building outside the campus boundaries. A police report need not be made for crime incidents to be included in annual statistics. A printed copy of this annual report of incidents is available by contacting the Security Office. UHC hires additional security officers’ support through a local security agency to patrol the campus building and surrounding external campus on evenings and nights. Security officers in uniform drive the marked vehicle to patrol during the fall, spring and summer semesters. These officers supplement the Security Office whose job it is to patrol the campus and the immediate perimeter of the campus. Guns are not allowed on campus. By law, no guns are permitted within 1,000 feet of campus, except in constitutionally and statutorily protected areas and/or in possession of commissioned law enforcement officers.

University of Holy Cross 2023 Annual Security and Fire Report


Police Incident Reports January – December