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The University can be held liable for any activity that takes place on its property, all on-campus events, University affiliated and non-affiliated/outside groups, must have proper security coverage. Adequate safety, security and crowd management must be part of all event planning to ensure the safety of all participants.

Overall Guidelines:

When Do I Need Special Events Officers?

Events that meet any one or more of the following criteria are subject to the enforcement of this policy:

  • Events held outside the normal operating hours of the University.
  • Additional security officers are needed when there will be 50 or more people attending.
  • The public is invited.
  • Alcohol will be served.
  • You will have a controversial speaker/topic.
  •  Money will be collected.
  • Event history.
  • Advertising — Sponsors are required to notify the Campus Police in advance of the event of the extent and method of advertising (including word of mouth, printed flyers, Facebook or any means via the internet, etc).

How to Arrange for Special Events Officers

Send an email to Marshall Pierre ( not less than 10 business days prior to your scheduled event.  The email should contain the following information:

  • Budget number
  • For non-affiliated events, credit cards or checks, with proper ID, may be deposited with the Bursar’s Office
  • Proper approvals for the event
  • As needed, staffing, parking, emergency procedures, set up, etc

Special Events sponsors are urged to cooperate with Security in its efforts to insure adequate traffic control, fire watch, ambulance availability and crowd control during campus events.

The Director of Security has the sole discretion to make the ultimate determination of the  number of officers to be assigned to a special event security detail, especially where liquor is being served or if the event is controversial in any way. The decision of the Director of Security, or designee, shall be final and binding on all parties, including the event organizer.

Detail Rates:

Event organizers are required to pay for Security staff at their event. Event organizers must pay for the 1/2 before the event to prepare and 1/2 hour after the event to close down, with a 3-hour minimum even if your event is less than three hours. Please contact the Security Office to obtain rates per officer.  If you fail to timely arrange for your detail, (10 day advance notice), the hourly rate will be the current double time rate for security officers (currently $40.00 per hour). There are no exceptions.


A written notice of cancellation of an event requiring security is required at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to the time the detail was scheduled to begin. If the organizers fail to make the notification within the above specified limit, any officer assigned to that special event shall be entitled to the minimum three (3) hour pay at the current special event rate.

Payment obligations for Non-Affiliated  or Outside Group events, which are canceled with less than 48 hours notice, will be added to the Event Contract and appropriately billed.  All cancellations of special event security must be submitted in writing, or by email or in person to the Director of Public Safety, Marshall Pierre.

The Director of Security may recommend the cancellation of an event if adequate preparations are not made for the safety and security of the attendees and our students, faculty, and staff.

Sponsor Group Responsibilities

Event Leader — The event sponsor must identify a single person to be in charge of the group’s
responsibilities and act as the sponsor group supervisor.  This person will be the point of contact for the security officer and must supervise all event activities.

The Director of security reserves the right to adjust this policy as needed, with/without notice, tonsure the safety and security of event attendees and all members of the UHC community. The department provides security coverage for all University-related functions as deemed necessary by the Director of Security. This includes the off-campus activities of recognized University organizations.