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UHC always advocates for the prompt and accurate reporting of all crimes. Members of the University community are encouraged to report any criminal or suspicious activities that occur on campus property to the Department of Public Safety immediately, including when the victim of a crime elects to or is unable (physically/mentally) to make such a report.

Report an Incident

For emergencies, dial 9­1­1. To report a crime in person, you can locate the Department of Public Safety office on the second floor of the main building located at 4123 Woodland Drive, New Orleans, Louisiana 70131. The office is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Crimes reported to the Department of Public Safety are used for tallying University of Holy Cross’s annual statistical disclosure of Clery Act Crimes and may be the basis for issuing a campus alert, such as a Timely Warning or Emergency Notification.

In sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking cases, we recommend that you report these cases to the Department of Public Safety, although we recognize reporting can be difficult for survivors. You may also report crimes of sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence and stalking to the Title IX Co-Coordinators either by phone at (504) 398-2177, by email at, or by making an in person report with Melanie Erlinger. There are alternative reporting options in these cases.

Additionally, crimes can be reported to Campus Security Authorities (CSAs), as assigned according to the Clery Act. Additional procedures for reporting sexual assaults, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking, as well as response to these reports, are outlined later in this document in the section titled Sexual Harassment, Sexual Misconduct, Dating Violence, Domestic Violence, and Stalking.

UHC acknowledges the importance of officially reporting all crimes and will provide assistance with reporting. The University also recognizes that reporting a crime is different from pressing criminal charges. For example, a victim may elect to report a crime to the Title IX Co-Coordinators and may receive accommodations and resources but choose not to pursue criminal charges.

The Department of Public Safety will respond to any criminal complaints, complete a thorough criminal investigation, and warn and/or notify the campus community on a timely basis if necessary, as outlined in the Alerts sections of this report. Priority response is given to crimes against persons and personal injuries.

In an effort to keep the campus community informed, crime reports and referrals for disciplinary action received by the Department of Public Safety that reportedly occurred on campus or at certain off campus locations relevant to the campus community are reflected on UHC’s Campus Crime Log. The Campus Crime Log can be found in person at the Department of Public Safety office located on the second floor. Additionally, the Department of Public Safety will cross report information as necessary in compliance with mandatory reporting laws such as reporting child abuse to law enforcement and passing on Title IX report information to UHC’s Title IX Co-Coordinators.

Limited Voluntary Confidential Reporting

If you are the victim of a crime and do not want to pursue action within the University system or the criminal justice system, you should still consider making a confidential report for inclusion in UHC’s crime log and crime statistics. With your permission, the Department of Public Safety can record the incident while maintaining confidentiality in your identity.

The purpose of a confidential report is to comply with your wish to keep the matter confidential while taking steps to ensure the future safety of yourself and others. In cases where there is an allegation of sexual misconduct including sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, or stalking, identifying information, if known, must be passed on to the Title IX Co-Coordinators pursuant to federal requirements and University policy. The University will only release confidential information to the extent required by law.

Anonymous Reporting

The Department of Public Safety also offers a way for the campus community to anonymously report threats or crimes through their website. The form may be filled out, which automatically generates an email that will be sent to the Department of Public Safety. This program was developed to allow members of the University community to anonymously report criminal activity and other threats and/or concerns. This is not an emergency reporting form. If there is an actual emergency or an imminent threat to life or property, please call 9­1­1. The form is available here.