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The Department of Nursing’s mission is consistent with the Mission of the University. Rooted in the traditions of the Marianites of Holy Cross of an inclusive student-centered learning community, the mission of the Department of Nursing is to holistically prepare professionally educated nurse leaders who are capable of excelling and advancing the profession of nursing through evidence-based practice, education, research and service.


The Department of Nursing will excel as an educational community of faculty and students who are focused on academic excellence and innovative teaching founded upon the Marianites of Holy Cross. The Department will be known for its servant leadership to a diverse student body and for continuing the integration of mind and heart in the Marianites of Holy Cross tradition; it is envisioned as an academic center of excellence centered on faith appreciating that every student has infinite worth.


Both the Marianites of Holy Cross values of presence, compassion, service and inclusion and the University’s values of excellence, respect, integrity, inclusion, and compassionate service permeate through the Department. The Department implements its mission guided by two additional dynamic values of justice and stewardship which are beliefs that focus the work within the Department and the University. All of the values provide direction and purpose to the Department’s operations.

  • includes the concept of moral rightness and advocacy based on ethics, fairness, integrity, equity and inclusion
  • respects the diversity of all persons for their inherent worth and uniqueness;
  • embraces the truth.
  • recognizes social justice and human dignity;
  • advocates for the needs of others,
  • reverences for the dignity of each person and the cultural diversity of the community
  • demonstrates an unconditional acceptance/inclusion
  • realizes that all have infinite worth and beauty.

  • respects self and others
  • acknowledges the value and dignity of all
  • exemplifies good interpersonal/interprofessional relationships
  • promotes compassion, concern, kindness, interest for all
  • provides holistic care

  • reflects a commitment to professional growth and to the advancement of one’s education and practice;
  • strives for quality improvement and for collaboration/teamwork
  • embraces change
  • explores challenges and opportunities
  • encourages leadership, scholarship
  • promotes critical thinking and evidence-based practice
  • leads to innovative teaching/learning
  • exemplifies highest level of achievement; optimal health care

  • uses one’s gifts to serve and care for others
  • commits to accountability and responsibility
  • builds on a foundation of Gospel values
  • provides careful and responsible management of all entrusted to one’s care

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Department of Nursing
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