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Minors Offered by the Department of Business Administration


Minors at UHC

  • COMPLEMENT YOUR MAJOR. Consider how special or extra knowledge would complement your bachelor's degree.
  • IMPROVE YOUR EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES. Customize your studies to your career goals to demonstrate you are forward-thinking, organized, and self-motivated. Having broad coursework also shows prospective employers that you have multiple areas of interest and distinguishes you from other job applicants. Besides, earning a minor will give you knowledge you will use throughout your career.
  • EXPLORE PERSONAL INTERESTS. Pursue your talents and passions. Make the most of your college experience, especially if earning a minor won't add to the time it takes to earn your degree.

  • Be a degree-seeking student at UHC with upper-division standing.
  • Have completed at least 12 credit hours in-residence prior to applying.
  • Have credit for MAT105


Students must complete 18 credit hours in a discipline, 9 of which must be 300 and 400- level courses.

Minor in Accounting

The Minor in Accounting is for students desiring accounting education in financial statement preparation, budgeting, cost and accounting systems at a level beyond the user of financial information but less than the preparation for being a professional accountant. The minor is especially useful to students whose career paths are organizations where dealing with financial issues will be an important part of their duties.

Courses Prerequisites
ACC 215 Principles of Financial Accounting MAT 105
ACC 310 Excel and Data Analytics ACC 215
BUS 207 Managerial Accounting ACC 215
ACC 319 Tax Accounting I N/A
Electives – two of the five below:
ACC 314 Intermediate Accounting I
ACC 315 Intermediate Accounting II
ACC 410 Cost Accounting
ACC 422 Tax Accounting II
ACC 464 Internship in Accounting

ACC 215
ACC 314
ACC 314

Minor in Healthcare Management

The Minor in Healthcare Management fills the management niche in healthcare and builds a more marketable repertoire for students. The set of courses allows students to understand both the nature of the economic and managerial constraints that face healthcare organizations and how these constraints can be effectively managed to provide the best possible healthcare for patients.

Courses Prerequisites
ECO 202 Principles of Economics II - Microeconomics MAT 105
HCM 350 U.S. Healthcare System MAT 105
HCM 360 Economics and Financing of Healthcare Delivery MAT 105 or
BUS 301 or
MAT 160
HCM 380 Healthcare Information and Quality Management MAT 105 and
BUS 251 or
BUS 218
BUS 251 Principles of Management or
BUS 218 Intro to Business
Elective – one of the five below:
HCM 410 Legal and Ethical Issues in Healthcare Administration or
BUS 207 Managerial Accounting or
HCM 420 Public and Community Health or
HCM 470 Healthcare Management Research (cross-listing with BUS 460 – Special Topics in Business) or
HCM 390 Healthcare Marketing

Check each course

Minor in Management

The Management minor reflects a defined and coherent group of courses that include knowledge and skill development for students who aspire to be leaders in today’s rapidly changing environment. This minor will help students improve their set of competencies for a highly competitive job market and take management positions in their own specialty.

Courses Prerequisites
BUS 251 Principles of Management N/A
ECO 202 Principles of Economics II- Microeconomics MAT 105
BUS 309 Human Resource Management BUS 251
BUS 416 Organizational Behavior BUS 251
BUS 414 Business Policies and Problems BUS 251
Elective – one of the five below:
BUS 201 Business Law 1 or
BUS 310 Excel and Data Analytics or
BUS 321 Consumer Behavior or
BUS 455 International Management or
BUS 405 Production/Operations Management

Check each course


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